Wanna be a siren?

 want to play roller derby?



Roller Derby is a contact team sport played on quad roller skates. It is known for being inclusive so no matter your size, shape or ability– you can play roller derby. In line with the sport’s governing philosophy, ‘by the skaters, for the skater’, each league relies on members to fulfill the management roles to keep the leagues going.

Come be part of the action!

We are always recruiting for new skaters & teammates! ! No experience or gear necessary! Did you know that most of our girls didn’t know anything about roller derby, skating, or even owned roller skates before they started with us? Throughout the year we have “recruitment events” that we promote that gives you the opportunity to meet us, see what roller derby is all about, and decide if you can commit the time, energy and cost to be on our team. If you’re willing to put in the time and the hard work, we are willing to teach you!

If you don’t want to play but still want to be a part of the team we are always on the lookout for new Refs as well as volunteers and NSO (non-skating officials)! Our referees and non-skating officials are vital to the team and to our bout day operations!

More info about becoming a siren:

Don’t own skates or gear? No problem! We have loaner equipment you can borrow!

Haven’t skated in years? Don’t worry! Most of our girls hadn’t skated previously, or in years either! We’ve all been there!

Not sure about meeting new people and it being socially awkward? Yep, we get that too. A bit about our team- we are all animal lovers, we all enjoy crafts, baking, and DIY. Most importantly, we all like each other!  If you are looking to get involved with a genuinely good group of girls, we are your team!

Unsure of if you can afford it? Remember, like any sport, gear is required, as well as membership dues. You can expect to spend monthly about what you would spend on a gym membership. As far as the gear, we do have loaner gear available, but you will be expected to purchase your own before you can bout.  Depending on what you get, this could be upward of $200.00.  We aren’t trying to discourage you, we just want you there to be realistic expectations.

We practice twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday nights at the Rink Deland. Our bouting “season” usually runs from about March-September and we have various promotional & fundraising events throughout the month and as a member of the team you will be expected to participate & attend practices, league meetings, fundraisers & promotional events, and of course all of our bouts!

We have girls on the team from all over Central Florida including Maitland, Lake Mary, Sanford, UCF area, Orange City, Deltona, Port Orange and near Downtown Orlando, so chances are there is a carpool for you!

Check out our Facebook, chances are we have a recruit night coming up soon! Don’t want to wait for a recruit night? If you can skate, have skates & gear, or are a transfer skater, please email us, we’d love to have you sooner!

Hitting or skating not your thing? We are always looking for non-skating officials (NSOs) and Referees-

Non-skating Officials (NSOs): NSOs have been called the unsung heroes of roller derby. They do all the jobs that allow the bout to take place and play a vital role in the game such as keeping track of the score, time and penalties. There are usually between 12 and 15 NSOs at any derby game

Referees: Also referred to as ‘team zebra’, Roller Derby leagues rely on a team of referees to keep the game fair, consistent and safe. Referees roller skate so that they can keep up with the action. There are seven referees needed to officiate a game. Referees can be affiliated to a league or independent, and as skaters do the referees can aim to officiate at the various levels of Roller Derby often travelling to tournaments and games outside their league.

You will push yourself beyond your own expectations and the feeling of accomplishment is like no other! Roller derby is for YOU!! Contact us below to find out more!

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