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I’m GingerDread, one of the coaches of TCDS. In 2012, I watched a derby bout in NC and told my friend that I should have done that when I was younger, as I would have been good at it. After moving back to Florida years later, TCDS posted on Facebook for their recruit night and said that you were never too old or out of shape to join. That was all I needed to hear and I’ve now been skating with them for over 7 years. I have fond memories of skating as a child and thought the opportunity to do something bad-ass and challenging would be fun. At 39 years old, I was one of the oldest in my recruit class but skating came back to me quickly. My family has always been most important to me and this team has now become family. I love watching new skaters progress and my greatest joy has been having my daughter turn 18 and join the team. My favorite memories involve watching her find the same passion for derby as I have. Roller derby, specifically this team, has absolutely changed my life.

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